About Longstar
About Longstar
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Founded in 2002 and 100% privately owned, Xiamen Longstar Lighting has established a well-preserved reputation in the lighting industry. Our company mainly focuses on producing energy-saving lighting products,with a complete line of cutting-edge LED SMD/Filament bulbs and LED fixtures such as recessed downlights, shop lights, ceiling fixtures, vanity lights, under cabinet lights and outdoor lighting fixtures.

Longstar lighting is proud to be an authorized manufacturer of energy-saving lighting products for several world-class and widely recognized brand suppliers, and our prod- ucts are sold in over 30 countries with a major focus on North America and Europe.

Longstar lighting has been continuing to invest substantially in our production capabil- ities and experienced talent with industry knowledge and understanding.To ensure a continuously growth and to maintain high quality products with low cost, in 2017, we have expanded our factory giving us 730,000 square feet of manufacturing space, in which there are more than 3,500 employees and most advanced technologies. For instance, semi-automated assembly lines, automated chip and electronic component mounting machines in a clean room environment, injection and blow molding, and UL accredited in-house laboratory to maintain high quality products with low cost. Our vertical integration allows us to control cost and expedite lead times for fast deliveries.

Longstar works closely with professional agencies all over the world, and provides product that are certified under UL, ETL, Energy Star, and CEC to make sure all products are complainant with electrical safety and product efficiency standards.

Longstar has embraced LED as the most efficient and reliable lighting technology energy-saving products.The technology continues to evolve and we are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. Our latest products reflect the highest industry standards for lumen output, efficiency, light quality, and long life performance. Our certifications with American and European crediting agencies confirms this.

Our objective is continuous improvement and well-managed expansions to provide our valued customers worldwide with the best quality at the most competitive cost structure. We don’t grow on our own, we grow with our customers.

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